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London Airport

London is served through a variety of airports and distinguishing which one to select according to your requirements can possibly save you much money and time. For novice, the following airport can be great options for flying both to and from London.

Heathrow Airport, which is one of the top 10 busiest airports in the world, accounts for assisting accurately millions of individuals each year. The real advantage of flying using the Heathrow airport is its link to the Heathrow Express train service and London Underground. This London airport has the largest choice of destinations and airlines and if you like the airport along with the most excellent connections to central London, this airport is a good choice.
London Airport for Novice
The second largest airport that is serving the capital is the Gatwick Airport. This is an excellent substitute to Heathrow. In addition, it serves a number of hundred destinations all over the world. This would be the easiest option if you are travelling from or to the South or South east of London. Moreover, some of the low cost airlines fly out of Gatwick hence this is an additional benefit to any passenger. There are excellent bus connections from both Heathrow and Gatwick to central London such as Coach and Victoria Bus Station.

Another London Airport that is popular for its budget airlines is Stansted Airport. This might be a bit more awkward compared to the two major airports since you will encounter a lot of traffic in going to this airport because of the lower rates for airlines.

The London City Airport is another London airport that offers private flights and domestic flights. This is located bear the Docklands and anyone can fly to locations such as Paris, Zurich, Ibiza and Amsterdam from this airport.

There are other airports in London and these are just few of the popular airport that can be considered by novice.


London Airport for Novice