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On your next travel to London, make a plan to visit a number of the finest attractions. From markets, art galleries, museums and concerts, London has a lot more to offer to curious explorers. These activities in London are not expensive and several of them are really free. Thus, if you are attracted in listening to some soothing music, taking in a tour or tasting some great food, these are all promising without having to break your bank account. There are certainly no reasons to miss exploring some of these magnificent London attractions.
Activities in London
London houses some of the greatest national art galleries and one trip inside any of them will lead you to agree that this activity is worth your time and effort. For instance, the Tate Galleries hold some of the finest art treasures of London. This gallery has four galleries namely; Tate Modern, Tate Ives, Tate Liverpool and Tate Britain. The collection is so huge that it has to be spread out into the four galleries. When you go through all these galleries, you will indulge yourself in everything from surrealism to sculpture and painting and beyond.

Your expedition can never be complete until you go to the street markets and taste some of the local cuisine, vegetables, fruits and baked goods. This city has several of the most sweet-smelling markets where travelers can wallow among a broad range of options. If you go to the Camden Market, you shall get a taste of total six markets in one. But if you want a broad variety of Mediterranean goods then you have to explore the Greenwich Market.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to stretch you budget then London museums will help you with that. The National museums are free of charge so you can visit all the national museums without thinking about the admission fee.


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